COVID-19 Out of school Procedure: PRE-AP World History 1

Hello all,

           These next 2+ weeks will be a little strange. As information reaches me, our plans for Pre-AP World History will be changing. As a Pre-AP class, we have been directed to grade work accomplished by these students, so as not to interrupt our learning as we are out. The PLATO materials are 100% Optional. The following is required.

The following ONLY applies to Pre-AP students.

1. Register for the website Formative. This can be accessed via the Clever Portal, same way we accessed our DBQ materials. The Icon for Formative will be a rainbow circle with a checkmark.

A2 students will use the code MYQKMC to register.
B2 students will use code LUBKPQ to register.


2. Every other day, starting today, I will be posting a Formative. Students will need to download notes from my teacher page at in order to read through the day's notes and answer the questions on the formative. DO NOT COPY AND PASTE FROM THE NOTES. Doing so will result in a 0. You must answer each question in your own words. CHECK THIS PAGE EACH DAY FOR ANY UPDATES.

3. If the school continues to be closed beyond these two weeks, I may assign additional materials. I will send additional emails with these materials attached.

4. Please email me with any confusion or concerns.


I will update you any any further developments that are passed along to me. Those students without consistent internet access, packets are available for you and will be distributed by the school (at this time, the plan is to use buses) The notes needed will be included with these packets.

Link to Mr. Michel's Notes:

All will be well. Stay safe, and socially isolate for a while

Thank you,

Rob Michel