Weekly Updates for Parents and Students
The computer snafu has confused matters, but we should be able to stay on track.  Here's what is coming up this week.

Today, we finish up the first part of the unit on political beliefs and behaviors.  We will have a quiz on Wednesday/Thursday.  The quiz will be in the next nine weeks.

I will take corrections on the federalism quiz through Friday the 20th since I was out last week.  My available hours are Monday and Thursday after school, Thursday before school, and Friday during bridge.

Tests are graded but they are not in the grade book as it has been closed.  My goal is to have them all uploaded for Tuesday class for A day and Wednesday for B day.  After that, you can make corrections.  I do not know a final deadline at this point, as without email, it hasn't been communicated by administration.  I will update this when I am aware.

If you have questions or concerns, please call me at school after the school day as the email is still down.