Weekly Information Page

This week, we will begin our study of linkage institutions (things that connect citizens to government).  Our first subunit will be on interest groups.  We will also complete a test on Political Beliefs.

Upcoming Deadlines

Thursday, February 21 and Friday, February 22 - Test on Political Culture Unit.

March 5 and 6 - Last day for corrections on Political Beliefs Quiz and Political Culture Test.

Absences and missing work:  I am making work available in a different manner than last semester.  All classwork and homework, and most projects, are available on the student portal.  You can download them, do them, and drop them in the dropbox all right in one place.  I will continue to do weekly updates here and put powerpoints and readings on moodle, but this should make it easier for you when you are absent.  If the assignment will not upload, then you are probably past the deadline for the assignment.  The dropbox is only live for two weeks. If you were absent when Mr. Wilkinson came to class and do not have student portal, please let me know so that I can get you a code. 
Changes this nine weeks:  Corrections are still available, but you receive a smaller percentage of points back.  Late work is accepted, but only for a week after the assignment for an unexcused absence (with a 50% point reduction.)  If the absence is excused, the work is due one week after assigned without a reduction in points and for a second week with a 50% reduction.  Please keep up and turn things in on time!

If you need help, I am always available Monday and Tuesday after school and Thursday before school.  If you need help another time, please see me to set something up.