Weekly Information Page

Grades from the 1st nine weeks have been entered.  Please move your parent/student view to the 2nd nine weeks.

Please pay attention to dates.  I will take late work from the last two weeks until the 29th.  After that group, I will insert zeros after one week for all late classwork and homework.  These grades cannot be changed once a zero is entered.  Of course, if you have a serious illness, please see me, but if you are on a trip, I expect work to come in on time.

Work that is due this week follows.

M/T: Group project on lawmaking is due.  Extra credit for foods associated with 
your district.

In class:  Mark up bills in committees and argue on floor.  
                                      Focus: Voter Enthusiasm will be graded.

Homework:  Journal Review on Congress due next block.  

W/Th Journal Review is Due - Counts as a project when combined with class portion.

Reapportionment Assignment is due.

Homework:  Congressional Voting is due next block.

F Extra credit assignment are online to mirror those given on the half day last week.

All assignments are available on the moodle page.  They can also be found in the gradebook under student view.


M/T 29 and 30 FRQ writing

Congress quiz

All late work due from 22nd and earlier

W/Th or F/M Unit test - Study guide is due for extra credit

M/T- Nov 5 and 6  Corrections due on Congress Quiz