UPDATE:  My plans are to use Plato for chemistry during our time off.  I will put a list of assignments under calendar on this website. Please check the calendar for assignments.   I may add some videos for extra help, and I may add some Quizizz assignments, too.  I will put the videos on the website as well as in Synergy as resources.  I will try to send out Remind notices for those of you on Remind.  You can email me as well.

The website for Plato is


Here are directions for logging onto Plato:

In the address bar enter or use the link on the RCPS or PH websites under Students:


For new users to PLATO

When the Plato Log In Screen comes on:

 Account Log in:       rcps
Plato name:      your school id number
​Password:    your school id number

 For returning users to PLATO

Account Log in:       rcps
Plato name:   normal student login
Password:    your school id number

Welcome to chemistry!


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