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Welcome to Mrs. Padgett's website! Please see below for information regarding activities during the 2 week school closure.
I teach Earth Science and Environmental Science.
Please feel free to email me at [email protected] You may also call the school at 853-2255 and leave a message and I will return your call as soon as possible.

  3/17 Update: Both Earth Science and Environmental Science classes have been assigned activities to be completed using Plato. You can find login information for Plato on the main school website. This is new material that has not been covered in class and all activities should be completed by the assigned date. Please email me if you have trouble getting logged in or started on the assignment. I check email multiple times daily. Be sure to check Synergy messages for additional assignments and enrollment instructions for activities assigned in Quizziz. These also need to be completed by the assigned date. More info will be available on this by the end of the day.  Notes for the rest of Astronomy (for Earth Science) are on the Earth Science Powerpoints page.  
For those without internet access, packets will be delivered from school.

3/19 Update:   Hello again everyone. Since I am figuring this out as we go along (just like you) I wanted to clear up a few things several have asked about:

1. Plato: You MUST use Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox ONLY. Chrome, Edge and other browsers are what cause the errors with Flash.

2. Quizizz: Everyone needs to follow the links I send and create an account if you don't already have one. Use your real name, please. The first quizizz game is posted, but some are having trouble finding it. Depending on the class it will either be called Practice Quiz#1 or Rocks Practice Quiz - something like that. To join a game or take the quiz, you need a link.  For Quizziz #1 Rocks this is the link -  For any quizziz game after this, you will find the link on my website under useful links.   If you still can't join a game try going to instead and you should see it there. Several of you have already done it so I know it is working. You are free to play it as many times as you need in order to get a 100%. This one is just 10 questions and if you do it soon I will give you a 100 just for playing.

3. If you have a problem or question, email me right away. I check email almost constantly between until 9 or so at night. If you email a question later at night than that I will have an answer waiting the next morning. I can also call you if you prefer and talk you through any issues.

Thanks, everyone!

Mrs. Padgett