K. Leslie

Hello My Name Is...

Mrs. Leslie. 


Welcome to another fantastic school year! This year I will be teaching Biology and AP Environmental Science. AP Environmental science is a college level course which will be completed over the school year. Expect to spend between 6-9 hours outside of class per week in order to be successful.  Resources, lectures, and study guides will be found in the Unit Folders. Please be sure to read the syllabus thoroughly and check the website often!

Biology is a high school level course which will require success on an end-of-course SOL exam with a score of >/=400.  Though the folders read (0 items) on the page, lecture, notes and links are available to you in order to study if you click the 3 dots to the right. There are also office-mix lectures which you can listen to anytime.

Please contact me at,
540-853-2296 Ext. 7307

Present Ph.D. Anthropology and Education, University of Florida
2018 M.S. Educational Leadership, Radford University
2008 M.A. Biological Anthropology, University of Florida
2003 B.A. Biological Anthropology, SUNY Stony Brook