Attendance Policy for Virtual Learning

Attendance Policy 

RCPS must conduct attendance checks for each student on a daily basis. It is required for a number of statutory and regulatory requirements, as well as to gauge student well-being. 

Students are expected to log on and participate in the synchronous (live) portion of each of their scheduled classes according to the remote learning bell schedule.

Attendance will be taken during this synchronous instruction time. If a student is unable to attend the class synchronously, the teacher will follow up to determine the reason(s).

Students who are unable to attend the class synchronously may be marked present for the class if they have a meaningful engagement with the day’s learning activity(
ies) online asynchronously. 

Students who have not been marked present by 4:00 PM will get a robocall at 5:00 PM reminding them to complete learning activity(ies) for the day’s classes.

For students who complete asynchronous (the student’s independent work, where no live instruction takes place) learning activities online after the 5:00 PM robocall, attendance will be adjusted the next morning. 

Important Note: If the student has not been marked present for synchronous instruction and the student has not completed an asynchronous learning activity for the class by the time the teacher is adjusting attendance the next morning, the student will remain absent for the previous day.

Example: A student will not be marked present for Monday’s class if he/she does Monday’s asynchronous work on Tuesday. 

If a student misses two classes in a row during the class synchronous session, then a phone call home will occur.  If the students continue to miss the synchronous sessions and not complete their work, then further action will take place with the school’s administration.