Bridge 04/02-05
Happy Friday!
So far this week you should have completed the following:

-Folktale assignment (This is just supposed to a fun creative writing assignment. There isn't a right or wrong way to do it. Email me if you have any questions, but don't stress this.)
-Rough draft of persuasive essay

If you have not finished one or both of these, use class time today to catch up.

If you are finished with both of these (and many of you appear to be), move on to the following introduction assignments. You will likely not get through all of this. That's fine! We'll pick up again next week. You don't need to finish the intro activities for homework--just make sure to read chapter 1 of "Of Mice and Men." There are plenty of copies in the library if you still need one.
Of Mice and Men Intro.pptx
PDF copy of the commonlit assignment: CommonLit _ The Great Depression.pdf
Use class time today to finish the essay you started yesterday. If you finish early, you may begin on the work below, which will be classwork tomorrow. Your homework for the weekend is to read Part 1 of Of Mice and Men by Monday!

I have prepared introduction activities for Of Mice and Men. Follow the directions on this PowerPoint step by step: Of Mice and Men Intro.pptx. If you do not have a laptop, look on with someone else. If you finish early, begin reading the novel.

PDF copy of the commonlit assignment: CommonLit _ The Great Depression.pdf

Many of you made good progress on yesterday's assignment! I've really enjoyed reading your adaptations and can't wait to go over them when I return. Some of you did not email me anything. Please do so today! Use today's class period to accomplish the following:

- Email me your Things Fall Apart group projects
-Finish your folktale adaptation. You should engage in each part of the writing process (including pre-writing!) before you are finished. If you got all the way through a draft yesterday, pair up with someone and revise/edit today. Submit your final copy by the end of class.
-If you finish each step of the writing process and submit your final draft to me, get your composition book. Select one of the prompts you completed a pre-writing/thesis statement for, and begin writing a draft. You can find copies of the prompts here: prewriting and thesis focus.pptx

Good afternoon, Bridge Pre-AP English!

I am unfortunately out for the rest of the week with the flu, but fear not; your assignment is linked to below. If you use your class time wisely, you should have time to get through AT LEAST half of this. Email me the work you completed by the end of class; I will be checking.
-Mrs. Dunham

Follow along with this powerpoint slide-by-slide. If you don't have your PASS laptop, look on with someone else:story telling traditions.pptx