Classwork & Homework 1st Semester
Week 1 (Aug. 21-24)
- Quiz Grade: Return Pass Laptop Forms by Next Class
-Focus 1: The Importance of Context

Week 2 (Aug. 27-31)
-AP Focus Question
-Textbook Checkout
-Baseline testing: AP Multiple Choice Practice, Q1 Essay Baseline, English 11 reading Baseline (MC)

Week 3 (Sept. 4-7)
-AP Testing Notes
-Quiz 1 on pgs. 1-9: Sept. 5&6
-Baseline Testing: Q2 Essay Baseline, Q3 Essay Baseline

Week 4 (Sept. 10-14)
-Annotation Notes and assignment Arguing with Aristotle Email Assignment.docx
-The Crucible Act One Quiz: Sept. 13/14
-Notes on Act One
-Notes on Social Commentary

Week 5 (Sept. 17-21)
-Weather Day (9/17)
-Crucible Reflection
-Crucible Notes & Discussion
-The Crucible Act II Quiz: Sept. 20/21
-R.O.A.D.S Quiz 1: Sept. 20/21

-Complete Annotation Assignment

Week 6 (Sept. 24-28)
-Letter from Birmingham Jail Assignment MLK's Letter from Birmingham Jail.docx
-The Crucible Act III Quiz: Sept. 26/27
-Writing Workshop: Q1 Baseline Essays

Week 7 (Oct. 1-5)
-The Crucible Act IV Quiz: Oct. 2/3
-Writing Workshop: Q2 Baseline Essays
-Rhetorical Analysis Assignment Rhetorical Analysis Assignment.docx

Week 8 (Oct. 8-12)
-October 8: Non-student Day 
-Crucible Project: The Crucible Project - Pt.1.docx & The Crucible Project - Pt.2.docx
-The Crucible Test: Oct 11 & 15
-October 12: Weather Day

Week 9 (Oct. 15-19)
-RS Quiz 2
-Reading Benchmark Review (See Notes & Powerpoints Tab)
-Q2 Peer Edits
-October 19: 2-HR Early Dismissal (End of the 9 weeks)
-October 18-23: Benchmark Testing

Week 10 (Oct. 22-26)
-Rhetorical Terms Check
-Act One Questions ARS 1.docx 
-ARS Reflection 1
-ARS Notes (See Notes and Powerpoint Tab)

Week 11 (Oct. 29-Nov. 2)
-Poetry as Social Commentary Assignment Poetry as Social.docx
-Q3 Notes and Discussion (See Notes and Powerpoint Tab)
-A Raisin in the Sun Act One & Two Combined Quiz: Nov. 1/2

Week 12 (November 5-9)
-Parent/Teacher Conference: Nov. 6
-RS Quiz 3: Nov. 5 & 7
-3 Essay Assessment: Nov. 5 & 7
-A Raisin in the Sun Test: Nov. 8/9 

Week 13 (November 12-16)
-Song of Solomon portfolio Song of Solomon Portfolio Info.docx
-SOS Notes and discussion (See Notes and Powerpoint Tab)
-Name Assignment Name Assignment for Song of Solomon.docx
-Worked on Part 1: due November 25th via dropbox

Week 14 (November 19-23)
-Work on SOS Portfolio
-Fall Break: Nov. 21-23