Reading and Quiz Schedules
The Crucible‚Äč (Week 4-8: Sept. 12- Oct. 11)
- Rd. all of Act I by September 19th

- Rd. all of Act II by September 27th

- Rd. all of Act III by October 5th

Crucible Reflection.pptx - September 28th in class
- Rd. all of Act. IV by October 12th

- Test on 
The Crucible is October 16th
Study Study Guide Study Guide - TC (b).docx
The Crucible Project & Rhetoric Assignment are due October 20th
The Crucible Project - Pt.1.docx & The Crucible Project - Pt.2.docx

A Raisin in the Sun (Week 9-12)
-Rd. all of Act I by October 24th 
-Rd. all of Act II by October 30th
-Rd. all of Act III by Nov. 3
Study Guide Study Guide - ARS.docx
-Test on November 8