Classwork & Homework
Week 1 (Aug. 22-25)
- Rd. pgs. 1-17 in textbook, stop at Patterns of Development
- Quiz

Week 2 (Aug. 28-Sept. 1)
- Poetry as Social.docx Poetry as Social Commentary
- Pg. 9 Einstein Assignment (Textbook) 
- Rd. pgs. 17-26 in textbook (Quiz: Sept. 5)

Week 3 (Sept. 5-8)
- Complete Socially_Conscious_Quiz.doc (Due 9/7)
- Bring Pass Laptops to class for Baseline Testing (9/7)
- Get "The Crucible" by Sept. 11th
- Act 1 of the Crucible due Sept. 19th

Week 4 (Sept. 11-15)
-Annotation Assignment Once More at the Lake.docx
-Rhetorical Strategies Quiz 1
-Complete pgs. 52-57 in textbook (No essay required-just plan for it)
-Social Commentary Assignment The Myth of Sisyphus Assignment.docx
-Act One of The Crucible is due Sept. 19th
-MLK's "Letter from Birmingham Jail" Annotation Assignment
    -Letter_from_Birmingham_Jail Assignment.doc due Sept. 21st

Week 5 (Sept. 18-22)
-Act I Quiz: Sept. 19th
-Rhetorical Analysis Notes: See Notes and Powerpoints Tab
-Mob Mentality Assignment Mob Mentality Assignment.docx
-MLK Extension Dialectical Jounal - MLK's Letter from Birmingham Jail.docx

Week 6 (Sept. 25-29)
-RS Quiz 2: Sept. 25th 
-Literature Textbook pages 216-220 & answer questions 1-5 & plan essay
-Question 3 Notes: See Notes and Powerpoints Tab 
-Act II Quiz: Sept. 27th 
-The Crucible Reflection (Making Connections Only): See Notes and Powerpoints Tab
-The Crucible Video: Watch and take notes. This information will appear on The Crucible test. 

Week 7 (Oct. 2-6)
-Reviewed rhetorical strategies and devices
-The Crucible: Parallels in public hysteria 28-6_crucible_pt.pdf