Fall 2020 Disney Showcase
Disney Showcase - Audition Guidelines
You will complete a virtual audition via FlipGrid, in which the Performing Arts Department will review. Ms. LoRicco (Theatre Director), Mrs. Schmitt (Choir Director), Ms. Gibson (Dance Director). This is an opportunity for you to showcase your singing, acting, and dancing talents through Disney songs and skits! 

Audition Requirements
  • Students must not have ANY D's or F's in any of their classes this semester. We will do grade checks throughout the rehearsal process, and anyone failing a class will be cut from the showcase. **NOTE: This is an extracurricular event. Grades are a priority. 
  • Only students who have taken or are currently enrolled in theatre, choir, or dance classes will be eligible to audition. 
  • Students must have permission from a parent/guardian to participate. Parents/Guardians must approve the live dress rehearsal and live showings for the student to be eligible. Expressed parent permission will be asked on the Audition Form.  ***NOTE: Students who have pre-existing conditions and cannot show up to any live aspect of the show must contact to learn of ways to get involved. 
  • Students MUST be able to follow all of the approved COVID safety procedures including, but not limited to: wearing masks, maintaining 6ft of social distancing, frequent hand sanitizing, and temperature checks and screenings upon arrival to campus. 
  • Must be available for ALL required rehearsals. ***NOTE: Special circumstances may be reviewed, but acts with open availability will be given priority over conflicts 
What you need to prepare (DEADLINE 10/23)
  • Prepare a 3-5 minuteActThe Actmust be school appropriate, memorized, and Disney themed. You can perform any Disney song to sing or dance to. You may also include any skits as long as they are themed or inspired by anything Disney.
  • Please slate your Audition Video, which means to introduce yourself and your piece before you begin.
  • If you are singing, please make sure you are singing with a karaoke or accompaniment track - we want to hear YOU sing, not the original singer in the background.
  • Check and make sure you can find your piece on You can play around with the arrangement in different keys on there. If you are selected, we will purchase the music for you in your key. 
  • We will only accept one act per person; however, you may submit duets, trios, or group performances (of no more than 4-5) as a second audition submission. Please honor social distancing in your preparations, blocking, and choreography. 

NOTE: We will choose more polished, prepared, and professional acts over any that are not as prepared. Please do your best to submit something that is as Performance Ready as possible. Be sure to dress like you would for any professional audition. You can add a little flair to your attire that would fit your character but avoid costumes. Think Disney Bound, more than Halloween costume. 
When will you know whether you are performing: 
  • The Performing Arts Department will review the audition submissions from October 23 - October 28. We will send you an email about whether you made the setlist or not.
  • If you do not make it this year, PLEASE do not be discouraged. Treat yourself to something to reward yourself for auditioning and stay in touch to see how you can get involved backstage or as an usher. 

Disney Showcase Production Calendar 

(Theatre, Choir, and Dance Departments)

October 1 –Disney Showcase FlipGrid Audition ARE OPEN! 

October 23- Audition Submission Deadline 

November 4 - 13- One-on-one Virtual Rehearsals for Disney Showcase (By Appointment) 

November 16 - 19- Dress Rehearsals Staggered - Possible FilmingDates - DisneyShowcase  (By Appointment & OUTDOORS) 

PERFORMANCE DATES ARE STILL BEING DETERMINED - For now block off the following in your calendar. *** November 20 @ 6pm, November 21 @ 2pm & 6 pm (TBD) -DisneyShowcaseLIVE – Drive-In Theatre style  (OUTDOORS) 

Possible Rain Date - November 22 @ 2pm (OUTDOORS)