M. Clark

Hello My Name Is...

Ms. Clark


I am a recent graduate from James Madison University. I graduated with a Bachelor's of Fine Arts and majored in Studio Art with a concentration in painting and drawing. I also minored in Art History and received my teaching license through the Art Education program. 

I believe the purpose of art education is to provide a mode for expression, storytelling, emotional understanding, and critical thinking. Through aesthetic inquiry and criticism students develop critical thinking skills that they can carry through life. These skills will enable students to gather information that allows them to establish views and ideas about their world, and make connections between history, culture, themselves, and the people around them. Students learn to sympathize by seeing the opinions of people around the world through their art, giving them the ability to contemplate and further develop emotional understanding and acceptance. Art helps students grow mentally and emotionally. Please feel free to contact me at Welcome to Art Foundations and Drawing!