AP Studio Art

Don't stress, you have been preparing for this all year.  Nothing changes, except I don't get to see your smiling faces.  

I will continue to add dropbox assignments for projects and progress.  You will continue to work hard on your Sustained Investigation pieces.  You will also continue to fill out your rubrics for each completed piece.  
You should be uploading images and writings to the AP College Board site. 
Use Remind or email to connect with me.  I'm here to answer questions, help with materials, and guide you. I will be using Remind and email to connect with you. 
The 5 pieces we mail off are your best of the best pieces.  They do not have to come from your SI, but certainly can. Be gathering those pieces. 

For Clarity: Student will continue working on portfolio artwork. 

  • Students are expected to communicate with instructors via email or Remind. 
  • Students are expected to send progress images to instructors through dropbox. 
  • Students are expected to continue submitting completed rubrics for projects.
  • Students are expected to update written AP Portfolio information on the College Board website as well as upload digital images. 
  • Student are expected to turn in artwork when school resumes. 

*if internet access prevents communication, or causes difficulty in using the AP website, your work will be reviewed when school resumes. 

Stay healthy folks!! And make some art.