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This year is, for obvious reasons, a bit unusual. We are doing the application process and induction of new members in the fall that would normally have been done last spring -- which sets us behind for counting service hours. (Returning members are encouraged to keep track of any service hours you complete on your own during first semester).

New Faculty Advisors for the NHS at PHHS have just been selected. They are Ms. Fields, Mr. LaFollette, and Mr. Schmidt.  The advisors, as well as the PH NHS Faculty Council, will be revisiting the NHS Constitution and making updates. In addition, changes to the number of service hours required for just this unusual year are likely to be implemented. We will have more information about those specifics between now and Winter Break.

Any revisions implemented for this year will take into consideration the late start for inductees and the unique limitations of this school year for all members. We will not aim to make it difficult for members to show service to community.

Returning members, during this time, should focus on their academic progress and on showing strong character and leadership of peers (by setting a positive example in the virtual learning environment as well as leadership in any official leadership position you may currently hold).

NHS Scholarship

Applications are being accepted online. Please apply at (you will need to create an account). Scholarship recipients are selected by National NHS, not PHHS. Deadline to apply is December 1, 2020.

LINK to scholarship information page online


2020-2021 NHS Faculty Appointments

Faculty Co-Advisers:
Ms. Kevonne Fields
Mr. Kyle LaFollette *
Mr. Alex Schmitt

*Mr. Lafollette will be the main communication liaison for the Chapter. 

Telephonic questions and concerns may be directed to him and he will share them with the rest of the advisers as well as the Faculty Council, as needed. 

Emails may be sent to Mr. Lafollette and CC'd to Ms. Fields and Mr. Schmitt. Mr. Lafollette will be the liaison between the PH Chapter and the National NHS organization.

Faculty Council:
Mr. Todd Harrison
Ms. Edna Janney
Mr. Travis Schmitt
Mr. Jeff Vanke
Ms. Che'ree Wiley

Assistant Principal Supervising NHS:
Ms. Lisa Renard-Spicer, Parsons Hall

Per the NHS National Constitution, the above appointments are made by the school principal annually, but all appointees may serve consecutive years.