Weekly Information Page

On Monday, students will complete a quiz on elections, finishing up our unit.  On Tuesday and Wednesday, we will review for the exam.  Exams begin on Thursday, and beginning on Thursday, students are welcome to make up quizzes and tests in class on any days when they do not have an exam.

Please get your grades up and make up those missing quizzes, tests, and projects.  Parent calls for Ds and Fs will begin Monday.  Please concentrate on these rather than the small daily assignments.  The daily assignments are not going to bring your grade up significantly.

Due dates =

Friday, Monday, December 9 - quiz on elections and parties
Tuesday, December 10 - Last day for corrections on interest group and campaign finance 
Wednesday, December 18, Last day for any corrections or any late work.
Exams begin on the 12th. December 12- B1 and B3 December 13 - A1 and A3 December 16 - B2 December 17 - A2 and Bridge Daily work and homework can be turned in for reduced points for one week after the assignment is due.  If the absence is excused, students have one week with full points and a second week with reduced points.
Late quizzes and projects  and tests receive full credit for one week after the date of the assignment if the absence is excused.  If the absence is not excused, or after one week for an excused absence, assignments lose 10 points per week.  Please keep this in mind and get your assignments made up promptly.

I am available Tuesday after school for those who need to make up assignments.  I am also available before school on Thursday.

You can always talk to me about another day.  I almost always am at school from 7:30-4:30