Lesson Plan (template): Math Lesson Plan Template.docx

Math students in grades 9-12 are working on IEP goals as individual instruction takes place. Students rotate between 2-3 workstations daily to meet goals/objectives related to VAAP. Pacing of goals/objectives may be different for each student. 


High School Math ASOL Goals

Reporting Category: Expressions and Operations

HSM-EO 1 The student will

(SOL A.1)
a) match an algebraic expression involving one operation to represent a given word expression with an illustration.

HSM-EO 2 The student will

(SOL A.2)
a) solve division problems with remainders using concrete objects;

b) solve simple one-step equations (multiplication and division) with a variable.

Reporting Category: Equations and Inequalities

HSM-EI 1 The student will

(SOL A.4)
a) solve an algebraic equation using subtraction.

HSM-EI 2 The student will

(SOL A.5)
a) solve one-step inequalities.

HSM-EI 3 The student will

(SOL A.6)
a) determine the two pieces of information that are plotted on a graph of an equation with two variables that form a line when plotted;

b) interpret rate of change (e.g., higher/lower, faster/slower).

Reporting Category: Functions and statistics

HSM-FS 1 The student will

(SOL A.7)
a) use the concept of functions to solve problems;

b) select the appropriate graphical representation (first quadrant) given a situation involving constant rate of change.

HSM-FS 2 The student will

(SOL A.9)
a) indicate general trends on a graph or chart.

HSM-FS 3 The student will

(SOL A.10)
a) given data, construct a simple graph (table, line, pie, bar, or picture) and answer questions about the data.

HSM-FS 4 The student will

(SOL A.11)
a) model a simple linear function such as y=mx to show functions grow by equal factors over equal intervals.