COVID-19 Out of school Procedure: World History 1


While the next 2+ weeks are certainly going to be strange ones, we've set up some supplemental learning experiences while school is out. These activities will be helpful for keeping our lessons sharp even while school is out. We will be using the PLATO service in order to provide a self-paced set of lessons related to what we have learned and will learn this semester.

To access these lessons:

1. Visit this link: . This link can be found on PH's school website under the student section. It will be listed as PLATO-Courseware on that site.

2. In the bar for "Account Login" type "rcps"

3. If you have used PLATO before, your username and password will be the same as before.

4. If you have not used PLATO before, your username will either be the first part of your student email (everything before the @), your full student email, or your student ID number. Try all three.

5. Your password should be your student ID number.

Students with limited access to internet have had packets prepared to practice with. You should have received a voicemail from the school in regards to how to get these packets.

If there is confusion or concern, feel free to e-mail me at There are many questions I will not be able to answer, but I will do my best to fill you in on any points I can.

To re-emphasize what was stated in the voicemail: These materials are supplemental, enrichment activities. I am not allowed to assign a grade to them. The WILL help you pass the SOL in the spring, so I highly recommend taking an at least 30 minutes or so each day to look through the activities.

All will be well. Stay safe, and socially isolate for a while.


Rob Michel