AP World History
Winter Break Extra Credit

Beginning in 2011, a wave of protests swept the Middle East and North Africa, leading to revolutions in many states. This phenomenon was soon dubbed "The Arab Spring." While it began with high hopes for bringing democracy to the Muslim world, its results - including a bloody civil war in Syria and military coup in Egypt - have not been nearly so positive. 

Your extra credit assignment is to research the Arab Spring and compare it to any of the revolutions we have covered, including the American Revolution, the French Revolution, and the Revolutions of 1848. You may also refer to revolutions we have not yet covered, especially the Iranian Revolution of 1979. Your final product should be a typed 3-5 page paper due the Wednesday we get back from break (1/9).  

Semester Exam

Your semester exam will test all the skills we have been working on so far this year, including stimulus-based multiple choice and essay writing. However, the content will be limited to Chapter 17 - Political Revolutions and Nationalism. To help you prepare for this exam, I suggest you do a close reading of the chapter, watch the review videos listed below, and complete the study guide given out in class. I am also posting the study guide under "Important Documents." 

Suggested Videos for Revolutions
  • American Revolution Oversimplified Parts I and II
  • The Seven Years’ War: Crash Couse World History #26
  • Tea, Taxes, and the American Revolution: Crash Course World History #28
  • The French Revolution: Crash Course World History #29
  • French Revolution in 9 Minutes
  • Crash Course World History: Haitian Revolution #30
  • Crash Course World History: Latin American Revolutions #31
  • Getafive.com: Revolutions
  • History Channel: The French Revolution – will watch parts in class