Weekly Updates for Parents and Students
It is important that you come to class and keep up at this point in the year.  It's crunch time and we will be finishing up the year with Civil rights and liberties and we will begin review for the AP test and final exam.

I have changed some of the order (not the projects) to give me more time to review directly. Please pay attention to the schedule below.

F/M In class - Civil Rights
Executive Project

T/W Quiz on Civil Rights and Liberties
Bureaucracy Project
Corrections due on Judicial Quiz

Th/T Review for exam/AP Test
Judicial Project

Friday the 14th - Papers due by 11:59 on turn it in.  This is a test grade so please don't turn it in late and have points taken off the top!

W/Th End of the year test
Public Policy Project

F and days during testing Review