Review Materials
Please check back regularly as I add material and sources for review.

Key Terms.
This sight has a great vocabulary section that corresponds with units of study.

Night before the exam - good overview - It is two hours, so you might want to divide it.
Keith Hughes

Videos by topics, including vocabulary.  Put together by two long term AP Government teachers.   Type in Cram for the Exam on Youtube with any topic, and it'll come up.

Wednesday, Thursday (6th and 7th)

Political Beliefs and Public Opinion, Voters and Voting Behaviors

AP US Government and Politics Crash Course (pages 45-56)
Key Terms (Page 8 and 9)
Princeton Review AP US Government and Politics Exam (pages 130-134)

AP Government Crash Course  33 Public Opinion
AP Government Crash Course  34 Shaping Public Opinion
AP Government Crash Course 35 Political Ideology
AP Government Crash Course 38 How Voters Decide
(Youtube videos - They don't have the depth you will need for the FRQs, but they will give you the content that you need for the multiple choice.

Friday, Monday (8th and 11th)

The Constitution

Princeton Review, pages 108-112, 115-116
Key Terms, Page 7, Crash Course 19-31

                AP Government Crash Course 1 (Introductions)
AP Government Crash Course 3 (Separation of Powers)
AP Government Crash Course 5 (Constitutional Compromise)