Late Work, Missed Quizzes and Tests, and Earning Points Back
Late Work:  When your absence is excused, you may turn in late work for full credit.  Work must be turned in one block after your return for full credit.  For example, if you are out on Monday and return on Wednesday, then your work must be returned on Friday for full credit. If you have a long term absence, talk to me and we will set up a schedule.

When your absence is unexcused or when you do not meet the excused deadline, you have two weeks from the deadline to turn in the assignment for a reduction or 25 points.  After that time, your assignment will not be accepted, and a score of zero will be entered in the grade book.

Missed quizzes and tests:  Students missing quizzes and tests are given one week to make up the assignment without a reduction in points.  After that, 25 points are deducted from the total score.

Students are expected to take all quizzes and test on the date of the quiz/test unless prior arrangements are made.  An absence the prior block does not excuse you, since you have a unit planner with dates and all assignments are online.  If you come to class and refuse to take a test or quiz because you are unprepared, there will be a 10 point deduction in your score.  After a week, the deduction, will be 25 points, not 35 points, just as if you had missed the quiz or test for an absence.

Points Back:  I do not give retakes, but I do give some points back on quizzes and tests. Students have two weeks after the date that I return the quiz or test to make corrections.

On quizzes, students may earn 25% of the points back if they come in and make corrections.  Students must come in before or after school on Mondays or Thursdays to earn points back.  They may not earn points during lunch or bridge.  They may not take the assignment home and make corrections.  I am happy to work with you to get your grade up, but please quit asking me to make exceptions to fit your schedules.  There are 150 of you, and I cannot adjust my schedule to fit that many students, so you need to take advantage of the times offered or study and do well the first time.

On tests, students may correct the FRQs for 35% of the points back.  Students may not correct the multiple choice, as I use an AP curve, and that curve is very generous.  Also, by the time of the test, you really should know the material.  I allow corrections on FRQs as I would like to see students work on their writing skills.  Students must come in on Mondays or Thursdays, before or after school, to make corrections.

Where to look for points:  Points will not be added directly to your test grade or your quiz grade.  I like to see your original score and I like to know who makes the effort to come in and make improvements.  Beside the original score is a category that says corrections. Points added here go directly into the grade, just as if I had added them to your quiz grade directly. Do not look for a percentage.  There is none.  It isn't a percentage of anything and it will say zero even if I have added points.  Instead, look to the left where it says points.  That is the amount that I have added to your grade, and it should match the score at the bottom of the page where amounts are totaled.

Questions:  I am happy to answer questions before or after school or by email.  I am sorry that I have not been able to answer your individual questions during this past week, but there are too many of you turning in late work and trying to nudge your grades up by doing the least amount of work, and I just can't stop to put in each assignment as it comes in.  I promised they would be in the gradebook, and they are.  The volume of late work from this group and the high rate of absenteeism is the reason for this policy.  Hopefully, I will be better able to address individual concerns with this new policy in place, as I shouldn't be so swamped with late assignments, quizzes, and tests.