Pre AP World History I
For COVID 19 Distance Learning, please make sure to check StudentVUE for work and announcements.  Work will largely be submitted through the StudentVUE dropbox at this point.  Lecture notes will continue to be posted on this page.

Welcome to Pre-AP World History I!  In this class, we will learn about ancient history from the beginnings of mankind to A.D. 1500 (CE).  The units we will follow include:

Unit 1 - Geography and Beginnings of Mankind
Unit 2 - River Valleys
Unit 3 - Ancient Greece
Unit 4 - Ancient Rome
Unit 5 - Byzantine Empire
Unit 6 - Islamic Civilizations
Unit 7 - Early Middle Ages
Unit 8 - Eastern Hemisphere
Unit 9 - Latin American Civilizations
Unit 10 - Late Middle Ages
Unit 11 - Renaissance

Please check back in frequently for updates.

Pre AP Course Syllabus.docx