Welcome to chemistry!


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SOL’s are coming!  The chemistry SOL will be on May 1st.  Here are options to help you prepare:


1.  Chemistry Extra Credit option (to help you study).


Go to the Jefferson Lab website:


Choose the number of questions you would like, and select “chemistry.”  Then click on “I’m ready; Let’s start.” 


Pay attention to explanations as you do this test.  You should try doing different years or different topics each time you do this.  I would recommend focusing on those from later years, but all would be good to study.


Complete the test, print your results at the end, and bring a copy to me. If you email me, remember I am “subryant.” You will get one point extra credit per question you get correct, up to 100 points, added to your quiz average.  This must be done by your SOL test.


2.  Review Sessions for Chemistry


I will give 10 points test extra credit for attending each review session (3:40-4:30).


Tuesday, April 10th        SOL 1  Review

Monday,  April 16th        SOL 2  Review  

Tuesday, April 17th        SOL 3  Review (and maybe SOL 6, too)

Monday,  April 23rd       SOL 4  Review

Tuesday, April 24th       SOL 5  Review


3.  For General study and review purposes


Also, the Fundamentals of Chemistry website is a good one to use to review chemistry and perhaps look at some information we haven’t covered yet.


Use it to study!


Also, a guy named Tyler Dewitt has lots of videos.  Use these to look over troublesome material.