M. Elliott

Welcome to Mr. Elliott's website! You can text or call me anytime on my cell phone at 216-2064


I am the Science Department Chairperson and teach Earth Science and Environmental Science
Please feel free to email me at You may also call the school at 853-2255 and leave a message and I will return your call.

Current assignments include PLATO for new material, A Quizizz game, and other activities in StudentVue Dropbox. Check your StudentVue messages or your email to stay up to date!

4/23 update: All communication is now being done via Synergy messages and email. Please check your Student Vue and Parent Vue accounts for updates!

3/19 Update: Check your Synergy StudentVue messages for some updated information about Plato.
   3/18 Update: Please note that you MUST use Internet Explorer (not Edge) when doing Plato activities. Other browsers like Edge and Chrome will cause errors with Flash. Also, if you signed up for Quizizz but are having trouble finding or playing the game, try going to Currently, Earth Science has one Quizizz activity to complete. As always email me with questions.
    3/17 Update: Both Earth Science and Environmental Science classes have been assigned activities to be completed using Plato. You can find login information for Plato on the main school website. This is new material that has not been covered in class and all activities should be completed by the assigned date. Please email me if you have trouble getting logged in or started on the assignment. I check email constantly during the day. Be sure to check Synergy messages for additional assignments and enrollment instructions for activities assigned in Quizziz. These also need to be completed by the assigned date. More info will be available on this by the end of the day.
For those without internet access, packets will be delivered from school.