Hello My Name Is...

Mr. Vanke


Announcement: Precalculus study guide is on the Documents page -- click the link to the left.

 Please contact me at or 853-2255.

I teach Geometry, with tutoring after school Tuesdays and by appointment, and Precalculus, with tutoring before school Wednesdays and by appointment.  Room 2-105.  Some Virginia Western C.C. math tutors are also available for private tutoring, and I can provide contact information for anyone interested.

Interactive online classwork is at OkTeach.Me

Some assignments will be posted on that website.  Login by class:

password:  phhsvaus
ID:  student lunch number

Pre-Calculus students:  We will be doing a lot of work without calculators.  If you need to review math facts and double- and triple-digit math operations, please review online and practice under "Math Facts" on OkTeach.Me .