B1 04/03-05
Happy Friday!
I hope you have all gotten copies of our next novel, Of Mice and Men, by now. If not, the library should have copies; get one before you leave school today. Your homework is to read Part 1 (it may be called chapter 1 or section 1, depending on the version you have) by Monday.

I have prepared introduction activities for you to complete today. Follow the directions on this PowerPoint step by step: Of Mice and Men Intro.pptx.

If you do not have a laptop, look on with someone else. If you finish early, begin reading the novel. (Don't worry if you didn't get a chance to finish the folktale assignment from last class. We will circle back to that later if we have time.)

PDF copy of the commonlit assignment: CommonLit _ The Great Depression.pdf

Good morning, B1 Pre-AP English!
I am unfortunately out sick this week, but fear not; your assignment is below! Once you have finished your test, begin the following creative writing assignment (which will count as graded classwork). Follow the directions slide-by-slide; submit what you have finished by the end of class. PLEASE ALSO EMAIL ME YOUR GROUP PROJECT POWER POINTS!

story telling traditions.pptx