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Here are important links for AP Language:

Synthesis English Only Prompt:

English Speaking Prompt

Synthesis Honor Code Prompt:

Honor Code

Synthesis College Prompt:

College Prompt

College Prompt Sample Essays:

Sample Essays

Song of Solomon:

Song of Solomon

Humorist Speech Prompt:

Question 3
Polite Speech Prompt and Sample Essays:

Polite Speech Prompt

Sample Scored Essays

A Raisin in the Sun - Full Text Online:

A Raisin in the Sun

A Site with the Play Script and Videos of the Audio and Production of the Play:

Play Script and Production Links

Logical Fallacy notes:

The Great Gatsby Audio Book:

The Great Gatsby Audio

The Crucible - Full Text Online:

The Crucible - Audio Recording

AP Language Exam Prompts and Samples: (Pick Three to Do for Extra Credit - 10 points each)

Purdue Owl Writing Lab MLA:

MLA Citation Generator:

Citation MLA

Google Books:

Virginia Western Library: