First Nine Weeks (August 22 – October 20, 2017)
No School on September 4, 2017
Early Dismissal for Students on October 20, 2017

August 22:  Introduction to AP English; Expectations; Information Give and Take
 “Fat Monroe” by Gurney Norman – A look at the habits of effective readers
 Pre-assessment Exam (2 class periods)
 Review of Rhetorical Analysis
 College Essay Assignment – Personal Narrative (explanation of the personal     narrative)  Due to on September 8.
August 28:  Introduction to Heart of Darkness (Background material on Conrad, period, Monet “The Houses of Parliament” – Impressionism – close reading of the first five paragraphs – how Conrad’s style  reveals themes and motifs throughout this novel.
As You Read Assignment:  Students are instructed to mark text as they read the novel looking for 6 specific motifs for use in class discussion once the novel is completed.
Introduction to Analytic Reading Logs –Each student will write a log that highlights the work’s themes and the significance of quotes, characters,; historical and biographical material, and symbols and motifs. Proscribed 2-page format.

Discussion of Heart of Darkness. Part I.

(No school on September 4)

September 5:  Discussion of Heart of Darkness. Parts I and II. Complete comprehension questions and     
          Analytic reading logs.

September 11:  Discussion of Heart of Darkness, Part II.
           Introduction of Schools of Literary Criticism
           Assign Literary Criticism paper for HOD (Due September 29, 2017)
          Assign Independent Reading Project for Semester Exam paper (Due:        December 11)
September 18:  Heart of Darkness: Analytic Reading Log, questions and discussion for Part III.
Continue work on schools of Literary Criticism
Work on Lit Crit paper
Choose books for Independent Reading Project (semester exam)

September 25:  Heart of Darkness: Multiple Choice test, AP Exam Questions 2 and 3.
Continue work on schools of Literary Criticism
Work on Lit Crit paper

October 2:   Hamlet Act I
     Close reading and analytic discussion
                   Discussion of Shakespearean staging conditions
     Review of use and application of iambic pentameter

October 9:  Hamlet Acts II - III
     Close reading and analytic discussion
     Identification and discussion of Rhetorical devices (use ROADS method)
                   Assign 100 lines:  Scan, Summarize, Identify ROADS, Identify use of audience contact

October 16:  Hamlet Acts III - IV
       Close reading and analytic discussion