4/2 (A) - 4/3 (B)

Tues. 4/2 (A) – Weds. 4/3 (B)


Due: None



·         Read, analyze, and compare two illustrated children’s books about Mary Shelley – She Made a Monster by Lynn Fulton and Mary Who Wrote Frankenstein by Linda Bailey

·         Watch Part 1 of Crash Course Literature’s analysis of Frankenstein

·         Students work in small groups to compare Frankenstein, “Mariner,” and “Ozymandias” in a three-way Venn Diagram – see a classmate for completed diagram if absent

·         Students complete Frankenstein MWDS Major Works Data Sheet.doc



1.      Research paper revision due Thurs. 4/4 (A), Fri. 4/5 (B) – upload to dropbox and turn in to – check StudentVUE often for grade and feedback on draft – revision is a TEST GRADE

2.      Frankenproject due Mon. 4/8 (A), Tues. 4/9 (B) – worth two project or “Other” grades

3.      Unit test Weds. 4/10 (A), Thurs. 4/11 (B) on Frankenstein, “Mariner,” and “Ozymandias”

4.      Get a copy of 1984 by return from Spring Break

5.      Solution project due Thurs. 4/25 (A), Fri. 4/26 (B)

*continue bringing Frankenstein book through next class (review stations), continue bringing laptops indefinitely


Upcoming classes:


·         Thurs. 4/4 (A), Fri. 4/5 (B) – Review stations for unit test

·         Mon. 4/8 (A), Tues. 4/9 (B) – Frankenproject presentations

·         Weds. 4/10 (A), Thurs. 4/11 (B) – Unit test on Frankenstein, “Mariner,” and “Ozymandias”

·         Mon. 4/15 – Fri. 4/19: Spring Break

·         Thurs. 4/25 (A), Fri. 4/26 (B): Solution project paper (typed, double spaced) and presentation due

·         Weds. 5/1 (A), Thurs. 5/2 (B): Revised Research Paper due (if needed) (typed, double spaced, due to dropbox & and submitted to