4/26 (B) - 4/29 (A)

Fri.  4/26 (B) – Mon. 4/29 (A)


Due: Bring your copy of 1984 to class, solution project reflection & evidence due today (both to dropbox, or evidence turned in during class if needed)



·         Students play review games with 1984 vocabulary words (quiz next class)

·         Class discussion of 1984 pre-reading questions (students responded to these last week)

·         A1 only – students complete a progress report for research paper items Research Paper and Solution Project Checklist (A).docx



1.      1st reading check for 1984 is Tues. 4/30 (B), Weds. 5/1 (A) on Part 1, Chapters 1-3, then continue following reading schedule

2.      1984 vocabulary quiz also Tues. 4/30 (B), Weds. 5/1 (A)

3.      Final research paper draft due Mon. 5/13 (A), Tues. 5/14 (B) (due date extended) – check revision frequently for grades/comments. Both drafts (revision & final) are test grades. If you do not make any changes between your revision and final draft, your revision grade will be counted twice.

*continue bringing 1984, your laptop, and your laptop charger EVERY class