4/22 (B) - 4/23 (A)

Mon. 4/22 (B) – Tues. 4/23 (A)


Due: Get a copy of 1984



·         Discuss upcoming weeks’ assignments and due dates (see HW below). Book check for 1984. Students copy vocabulary list for 1984 (1984 Vocabulary List.pptx) and reading schedule (1984 Reading Schedule 2019.doc). Students download “Solution Project Reflection” form (Solution Project Reflection.docx).

·         Distribute and review Frankenstein tests.

·         Students write well-developed paragraphs answering four pre-reading questions for 1984 (1984 Pre-reading Questions.pptx) and upload to dropbox (if absent, complete and upload ASAP).



1.      1984 vocabulary flashcards (must include definition and example) due next class, Weds. 4/24 (B), Thurs. 4/25 (A)

2.      Solution project due Fri. 4/26 (B), Mon. 4/29 (A). There are two assignments in the gradebook to complete:

a.       Download the “Solution Project Reflection” form, fill it out, and upload your completed copy to dropbox

b.      Submit evidence of your solution project either via dropbox (to the assignment titled “Solution Project Evidence”) and/or turn in any physical evidence in class on the due date

3.      1st reading check for 1984 is Tues. 4/30 (B), Weds. 5/1 (A) on Part 1, Chapters 1-3, then continue following reading schedule

4.      1984 vocabulary quiz also Tues. 4/30 (B), Weds. 5/1 (A)

5.      Final research paper draft due Mon. 5/13 (A), Tues. 5/14 (B) (due date extended) – check revision frequently for grades/comments. Both drafts (revision & final) are test grades. If you do not make any changes between your revision and final draft, your revision grade will be counted twice.

*continue bringing 1984, your laptop, and your laptop charger EVERY class