Menu and Instructions

Instructions for submitting assignments through TurnItIn and MyAccess

To create an account, go to à Create an Account à Student

Enter our class ID and enrollment key:

Class ID:

A1 – 19515537

B1 – 19517218


Enrollment Key:

A1 – catsarecool

B1 – readingislit


Enter your information to create an account. If your school e-mail already has an account, login to that account and add our class using the class ID and enrollment key listed above. When creating a new account, make sure to use a password you will remember. I suggest using your RCPS username (ex: jsmit234) as your password.

Once you have created an account and/or logged in, visit our class and click on the assignment you want to submit. Here, you have the option to cut/paste your text or to upload a file from your computer. Once the file or text is uploaded, be sure to click “Submit.”

You do not need to create an account for MyAccess, as RCPS has already done so.

Login information:

Username: Your RCPS username – the first letter of your first name, the first four letters of your last name, and the last three letters of your RCPS ID #, ex. jsmit234

Password: The same as your username, EXCEPT with the last FOUR digits of your RCPS ID #, ex. jsmit1234

Once logged in, visit assignments, select the assignment you want to submit, and either type your essay in the space provided or copy/paste from another word processor. Click “Submit Writing” and then “Submit for Scoring.” Your holistic score will be your overall score (usually out of 6 possible points).