Classwork & Homework

S2_Week 1 (March 16-20)
Mean Spirit Test: See Student View - Download and Submit via Dropbox by Sunday, March 22nd
      Be sure to submit the Theme Chart in Synergy when you submit your Test.
Available Tuesday, March 17th after 2 PM
- Either get a copy of Tim O'Brien's The Things They Carried or See Free Text on website

S2_Week 2 (March 23-27)
- Read Chapters 1-4 and answer chapter questions (Questions and submission via Dropbox)
- Intro to novel and Tim O’Brien (See Notes & Powerpoints Tab) 
- Themes, Motifs, & Symbols (See Notes & Powerpoints Tab) 
- Character Chart TTTC Character Chart.docx
- TTTC Theme Chart TTTC Theme Chart.docx
- Symbolism of Objects TTTC Symbolism Assignment.docx
- Fiction v. Nonfiction TTTC Fiction v. Nonfiction.docx
- Essay about personal object Object Story.docx
*Essay must be a minimum of one full page and paragraphs are expected. 

S2_Week 3 (March 30-April 3)
- Background Projects Assigned (Due no later the Wednesday, May 6th by 11:59 PM)
TTTC Background Project.docx : This Is Not A Group Project
- Read Chapters 5-10 and answer chapter questions 
TTTC Chapters 5-10 Questions.docx 
- TPCASTT for poems "Body Bags" & "Then I was a Medic" and discuss (Poetry Sample in Poetry Folder under Notes and Powerpoints Tab) 
Body Bag TPCASTT.docx & When I was a Medic TPCASTT.docx 
- Surrealism (See Notes & Powerpoints Tab) 
- Surrealism Assignment Surreal Story.docx 
- Discussion Forum: The narrator uses 3rd person then 1st person - Why does he do this? What impact does it have on the novel?

S2_Week 4 (April 14-17)
Suggested Weekly Work Breakdown Week 4 Breakdown.docx
- Complete discussion Forum from Week 3 and submit it via Synergy
(The discussion forum responses deleted from the website and I have been unable to recover them so we will try this again vie Synergy. I apologize for the inconvenience. We will not use the discussion forum platform on the website anymore this year.)
-Read Chapters 11-16 and answer chapter questions TTTC Chapters 11-16.docx
*Note: If you read a chapter or two each day and answer the corresponding questions, you will not feel overwhelmed and will complete the work before Sunday. Time management is a valuable skill that you will need for college. Very few people can complete a week worth of work in a day. 

S2_Week 5 (April 20-24)
ReVamp Week
Zoom Meetings Tuesday @ 10 AM & 2 PM (Login info is on the front page)
Work on Background Project: OUTLINE DUE SUNDAY NIGHT 
- BP Outline Template Background Project Outline Template.docx

S2_Week 6 (April 27-May 1)
Zoom Meetings Tuesday @ 10 AM & 2 PM (Login info is on the front page)
Suggested Weekly Work Breakdown Week 6 Breakdown.docx
Chapter 17-20 Chapter Questions TTTC Chapter 17-20 Questions.docx
Continue to work on Background Projects
Look for further Project explanation by Thursday

S2_Week 7 (May 4-8)
Zoom Meetings Tuesday @ 10 AM & 2 PM (Login info is on the front page)
*Special Note: My birthday is Thursday, May 7th. Since we cannot celebrate together, lets have a photo celebration. Anyone that wants to participate can share celebration pictures with me in our google photo album.  Also, I know that there are other May birthdays in the class so let me know and we will celebrate you too. 
Just email photos to and I will give you access to view pictures from our photo party on Monday. This is not mandatory. Let's just have a little fun in the midst of all that is going on. 
Suggested Weekly Breakdown Week 7 Breakdown.docx
Chapter 21-22 Chapter Questions TTTC Chapters 21-22.docx
Background Project is due by Sunday, May 10th
Theme & Character Charts are due next week

S2_Week 8 (May 11-15)
The Things They Carried Theme Chart (refer to Week 2 if you have misplaced document)
The Things They Carried Character Chart (refer to Week 2 if you have misplaced document)