Reading & Quiz Schedule S1


The Crucible
‚Äč (Week 4-8: Sept. 13- Oct. 15)
- Rd. all of Act I by September 13th
- Rd. all of Act II by September 20th
- Rd. all of Act III by September 26th
- Rd. all of Act. IV by October 2nd
     *Study Guide: Study Guide - TC1.docx
- Test on The Crucible is October 11th (A-day) & 12th (B-day)
The Crucible Project is due October 11th (A-Day) & 12th (B-day)
 The Crucible Project - Pt.1.docx
The Crucible Project - Pt.2.docx

A Raisin in the Sun (Week 9-12)
-Rd. all of Act I by October 18th 
-Rd. all of Act II by 
Nov. 1st
-Rd. all of Act III by Nov. 8th
Study Guide Study Guide - ARS.docx
-Test on November 8 (A-day) & 9 (B-day)

Song of Solomon
-Rd. Part 1 (Chapter 1-9) by November 20th
-Rd. Part 2 (Chapter 10-15) by December 3rd
 Chapter Questions Chapter Discussion Questions (Portfolio).docx
 Study Guide Study Guide - SOS.docx
-Test on December 5th

The Great Gatsby
-Study Guide Study Guide - TGG (18-19).docx
-Gatsby test on January 9th-10th