Film Studies

Visit to the Moon
     Welcome Film Studies Students! 

If you are enrolled in my Film Studies class then you are on the right page! I know you are all facing a lot of unknowns, so I have come up with a couple of assignments that will help boost your grade for the final nine weeks and give you a much needed artistic outlet during these troubling times. 

**Pop the popcorn and enjoy Social Distancing with some blockbuster movies**


  • You have to join in the TEAMS app. Check-in here - LINK TO TEAMS HERE -  And be sure to respond to the prompt on there. We will be doing the rest of your course work on this platform so I NEED you all to check it out and RESPOND to the post before the end of Spring Break so I know you made it there okay. 

  • You will have to do all of the assignments on the Film Studies Syllabus Map - which is also under the files tab in Teams on their due dates. It really is not unreasonable, but you do have to put the work in to get the credit. 

  • You will need to stay in communication with me throughout this process. 

We are in the home stretch of this year, so please do not skimp now and lose the progress you have made thus far. Push through and lean on me! I am here to help!