Film Studies

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Film Studies 


If you are enrolled in my Film Studies class then you are on the right page! I know there are a lot of unknowns but fret not, we are in this together! Stay up to date with your emails, and I cannot wait to meet everyone in my classes on August 31st!! 

**Pop the popcorn and enjoy Social Distancing with some blockbuster movies**

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Class Time: A2 BLOCK -  Mon & Wed - 10:30-12:00pm

Instructor: Michelle | 540.853.2255 ext. 1128

***Use this link to access our LIVE TEAMS meetings during the beginning of our class time. Please be on time and turn on your camera, so I can see your smiling faces. 


Course Description/Objective:

Film Studies is a course designed to promote an increased understanding and appreciation for the art of filmmaking by learning about filmmaking processes and elements, film history, and film’s impact on society. This understanding will be used to critically evaluate and discuss individual films.