Ceramics 1

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Dear students (and parents),

This isn't an ideal situation for many reasons; however, we will do what we can!  I hope you are all healthy and safe, and are getting by through these times, and eventually we will return to better days!  I miss you all, and I wish I had the opportunity to teach you in person again!

In the meanwhile, we will press on with art assignments which should be educational and rewarding, and I hope these assignments will help you use your time in productive ways!  :) 

The link on the left has a lot of information, and I don't want anyone to get lost!  Here is what you need to know -
name of file in parenthesis:  

1. The first three weeks we were out, I assigned 4 assignments from a
Choice Board.  There are 25 choices there.  You can choose which 4 you would like to complete and submit for credit.  (Ceramics Choice Board – Due Apr 12)

2. **There is a calendar laying out the assignments for the rest of the year (Calendar of Assignments) **

3. There are 
notes pages to complete.  See the slide shows to see which artists to choose from.  These will be updated as we go along (Artist Notes April 13-17, for example)

4. There are
projects for you to complete (Salt Dough Sculpture with Texture, for example)

*I have also included these documents within the assignments in StudentVue on Synergy.

I look forward to seeing your work!  As always, I love when students create other art work and I would love to see it!

Regarding any of your art work that I still have in my possession, we will let you know how to pick that up in the future!

Stay well!

Mr. Kuehl

Please click the link on the left to see work assigned during the COVID-19 (Corona Virus) shutdown.  


Ceramics I is a 1 credit course designed for students interested in working with clay at the high school level.  This credit fulfills the fine arts credit graduation requirement; when following Art Foundations or followed by Ceramics II the course fulfills the sequential elective credit as well. There is no prerequisite for this class however the course is available only to 10-12 graders.  The course includes hand building techniques, vocabulary, methods and the history of making pottery.  Much of what we will be making will be functional, despite this, students will be expected to come up with creative, original ideas for projects.  Students are expected to respect the opinions and creativity of others, clean-up after themselves, be responsible when dealing with supplies, demonstrate an appropriate attitude, and be cooperative.