Art Foundations

Dear students (and parents),

This isn't an ideal situation for many reasons, however, we will do what we can!  I hope you are all healthy and safe, and are getting by through these times, and eventually we will return to better days!  I miss you all, and I wish I had the opportunity to teach you in person again!

In the meanwhile, we will press on with art assignments which should be educational and rewarding, and I hope these assignments will help you use your time in productive ways!  :) 

The link on the left has a lot of information, and I don't want anyone to get lost!  Here is what you need to know - name of file in parenthesis:  

1. The first three weeks we were out, I assigned 5 short drawings based on drawing prompts (Drawing prompts for first 3 weeks of covid-19)

2. **There is a calendar laying out the assignments for the rest of the year (Assignments from March 13-May 15) **

3. There are notes pages to write and draw (Color Notes, Design Notes)

4. There are projects about color - you choose one to do (Collage color wheel, Design color wheel, Edible Color wheel, Found color wheel)

5. There are projects about design - you choose two to do (Personal Coat of Arms, Principles of Design Choice, Radial Design, Trading Cards)

*I have also included these documents within the assignments in StudentVue on Synergy.

I look forward to seeing your work!  As always, I love when students create other art work and I would love to see it!

Regarding any of your art work that I still have in my possession, we will let you know how to pick that up in the future!

Stay well!

Mr. Kuehl


Art Foundations is a 1 credit/ 1 year course designed for students who are beginning the study of art at the secondary school level.  This course also provides students with a Fine Arts credit needed for graduation requirements. This is an entry level course that can be combined with Drawing or Ceramics to fulfill sequential elective credit also needed for graduation.  There is no prerequisite for this class; it is intended as an introduction to materials, techniques, and design concepts.  It includes a general survey of art history and incorporates related hands on activities in drawing, painting, sculpture, and crafts with focus given to the elements of art.  This course emphasizes the development of abilities to recognize visual arts content, concepts, and skills needed to create, discuss, and understand works of art.  Students will learn how to express themselves and their ideas through a wide variety of methods and materials.