Photo 4

Photo 4 - Advanced Studio Class in Photography

Photo 4 Syllabus
Photography Classroom Rules
Camera Use Agreement

National Geographic Photos of the Day Link
Weekly: Select best photo of the day, name photographer, describe photo, tell why you chose it.

1. Photographer Survey 
2. Badge Template
=> Badge Template Instructions
3Photomontage Artists: Hannah HochRomare Bearden
=>Photomontage Instructions & Examples: Arranging Your Photomontage
4. Notebook Assignments:
=> Self Portrait Artists Article 
Write 1 page self-reflection and list of portrait ideas.
​Questions for reflection: What traits and accomplishments are you proud of? What do you want to show others about yourself? What kind of days make you feel the most creative? Do you often show your emotions to others? What is important to you in life? Do you take serious or lighthearted selfies? 5. Headshots Project Resources:  8 Tips ArticleHow Focal Length Affect Portraits 6. Photoshop Lesson #1: Levels and Curves Instructions Videos:
1. Curves Adjustments Video
2. Posing Models for Headshots
3. Working with People
4. Basic Lighting for Portraits
5. Focal Lengths for Potraits