Photo 2

Photo 2 - Darkroom Photography

Photo 2 Syllabus
Class Rules
Camera Use Agreement

National Geographic Photos of the Day Link
Weekly: Select best photo of the day, name photographer, describe photo, tell why you chose it.

Lesson Five
Take Sunny 16 Notes Quiz

1. Write a 4 - 5 sentence reflection on the strengths and weaknesses of the first print you made in the darkroom.
=>What makes the composition good?
=>What could be better?
=>Would you pick a different frame to print if you could do it over?
=>Does this portrait image show the subject's true personality?
>What makes you think so?
2. Tips for Shooting in Manual Mode (Notes)
3. Exposure Bracketing (Notes)
4. Evaluating Your Negatives (Notes)
Lesson Four
- Make a test print, a straight print, and a final print of one image from your first roll of film. 
Use contrast filters and burning and dodging to improve the straight print. Keep your working prints to turn in with the final print. 

1. Making a Black and White Print Questions (see video)
2. What is the Sunny 16? (Notes)
3. 1st Print Reflection - ​After making your first straight print and a working print using a contrast filter, write a reflection in your notebook and describe how you could improve the image by burning and dodging. 
4. Marked Up Photographs Article (Questions)
5. Burning and Dodging (Questions)

1. Making a Black and White Print
2. Burning and Dodging - Dodging Eyes
Lesson Three

​Make a contact sheet of your first roll of film images in the darkroom. 
Shutter Speed/Aperture Notes Quiz

1. Shutter Speed and Aperture Guides (Notes)
2. Making a Black and White Proof Questions (See video)
3. The Lens: Focal Length and Aperture (Notes)
4. Sunny 16 Chart (Copy)

1. Making a Black and White Proof (Video Questions)
2. Simple Guide to Depth of Field 

Lesson Two
Take one roll of film in class photo-booth setup, using your assigned film camera. 
​Practice loading film onto developing reel. 
​Develop first roll of black and white film. 

1. Exposure Reading and Notes
2. 9 Photography Techniques

1. Film Reading and Notes

1. Loading Film
2. Aperture and Shutter Settings
3. Loading 35mm Film onto Metal Reel

Lesson 1
1. Badge Template
Badge Template Instructions

2. Photomontage Artists: Hannah HochRomare Bearden
Photomontage Instructions & Examples: Arranging Your Photomontage

3. Black and White Adjustment Layers Assignment

1. Parts of an SLR Camera Diagram
2. "Beginnings" Vocabulary
3. Insta Film Photographers

1. How Your SLR Camera Works 
2. 9 Tips for Black & White Photography