Photo 1
Photo 1 - Digital Photography

Classroom Rules

National Geographic Photos of the Day Link
Weekly: Select best photo of the day, name photographer, describe photo, tell why you chose it.


A1 Submission Form

A3 Submission Form

B3 Submission Form

1. Color Theory for Digital Media (Notes)

Lesson Five:
- Take Macro Textures Quiz
- Complete Macro Texture Image Search in class (Photoshop assignment)
- Homework: Take a few close-up photos of very small things. 
- Complete Macro Scale Assignment in class (Photoshop assignment)

Texture and Color Project
- Take at least five photos that are good examples of texture with eye-catching colors
- Show Ms. Morland your photos in class
- Select two photos to use for the project that show a specific color scheme when placed side-by-side (use notes on color)
- Follow Texture and Color Project Instructions to complete your final image and submit. 

Texture and Color Project Rubric


1. Macro Phone Photography (Notes)
2. Element of Texture in Photography (Notes)
3. Scale and Proportion (Questions)
4. Color Theory for Photographers (Notes)
Lesson Four
Background Composition Quiz Link

Humans of Roanoke Project: 
Photoshop Instructions Humans of Roanoke
- Look at the examples of street portraits from the following artists, especially "Humans of New York" photographer Brandon Stanton. 
Get permission to photograph a portrait of a friend, family member, or mentor from your life. 
- Ask the person your are photographing to tell you a story about themselves, OR ask them questions. Write down quotes by the person to include in your project with the photograph. 
- Photograph your subject, paying careful attention to background composition. Choose a background outdoors somewhere in Roanoke. 
Choose a background that is not distracting from the person in the portrait. Use the suggestions in the article below called "Improving Your Background". 
Your background can also tell the viewer something important about your subject. Watch the video of images by Henri Cartier-Bresson for inspiration. 
- Take multiple photographs of the same person and bring to school to show the teacher. Together you will decide which photo is the best, then you will use Photoshop to put together a mock "post" by "humansofroanoke" using a template. 
Humans of Roanoke Grade Rubric

Henri Cartier-Bresson Slides
Martha Cooper Slides
Humans of New York Slides

1. Point of View Identification (use Nat. Geographic "Daily Dozen" photo link)
- Find an example of high, low, eye level, and bird's eye view. Write a ​detailed​ description of the image. 2. Martha Cooper Street Photography Article (Response Questions) 
3. Improve Your Backgrounds (Notes/Response Questions)
4. What Makes a Good Portrait? (Notes/Response Questions)
Lesson Three
- Choose one of the following images to use as your background photo: 

Image 1 Image 2 Image 3 Image 4 Image 5 Image 6 Image 7 Image 8

Image 9 Image 10 Image 11 Image 12

Take several photos of a classmate, friend, or family member from the same angle as the background image you selected (low or high angle). Think carefully about how you should pose the person to fit into the background image. 

Follow the Photoshop instructions for the Ghost Assignment to create your final image. 

1. Photoshop Layers (response questions)
2. Point of View in Photography (response questions)
3. Photoshop Layers: Beyond the Basics (response questions)
4. Layers Diagram (draw and label)

1. Street Photography Point of View
2. Angles are Critical


Lesson Two
Name Project
Take at least one good image that shows a great sense of depth Take at least one good image using LINE for each letter of your name (at least 5 letters/photos)
Background Photo: Photoshop Instructions
Letters Photos: Letters Photoshop Instructions
Name Project Grade Rubric 

1. Black and White Landscape Tips Reading and Responses
2. Basic Photoshop Shortcuts NOTES
3. Lesson Two Vocabulary
4. Horizontal vs. Vertical Composition (TAKE NOTES)

1. Leading Lines Reading and Responses
2. Element of Line Notes
3. Creating a Sense of Depth in Your Photos
4. Shallow or Great Depth?

Lesson One
Photographer Badge
Instructions for Adding Photo to ID Badge Template

Photomontage Artists: Hannah Hoch, Romare Bearden
Photomontage Instructions & Examples: Arranging Your Photomontage

Rule of Thirds / Cropping Assignment: Step-by-Step Photoshop

1. Ansel Adams Article Responses

1. Photomontage