Syllabus and Lessons

Art Foundations Syllabus
Class Rules

1. Lesson One

Journal Expectations
Sunglasses Project Rubric

2. Lesson Two

Line Notes

Line Image 1Line Image 2
Zentangle Samples
Zen Animal Triptych Project

3. Lesson Three

Element of Shape
Journal Assignments:

Shape (2 pgs.): Shape Journal Notes
Form (1 pg.): Form Journal Notes
Shape Artists (1 pg. each with notes + drawing of artwork):
Matisse and Lawrence Artist Notes
-----Matisse Matisse Images
-----Lawrence Lawrence Images
-----Kandinsky Kandinsky Images , Kandinsky Notes
Sketchbook Homework: Hands Contour Drawing (2 pgs.)

Kandinsky Project Rubric:  Kandinsky Project Rubric

4. Lesson Four

Journal Assignments:
Fall Leaves Homework (2pgs) Fall Leaves Assignment
SPACE Notes (1pg): SPACE Notes
Artist Notes: 
------M.C. Escher  (1pg): M.C. Escher Notes , Escher Artworks

Imperfect City Project Rubric: Imperfect City RUBRIC

5. Lesson Five

Linear Perspective

Tree House Project: Tree House Project Requirements
Tree House Grade Rubric: Tree House Grade Rubric

Video Demonstration: 2 Point Perspective Tree House

6. Lesson Six

Jackson Pollock Slides

Journal Assignments:
----Texture Notes Collage, 2pgs: Texture Notes
----Jackson Pollock Notes and Painting, 2pgs: Pollock Notes
Pollock Journal Page
----Texture Drawing Practice (hand), 1pg: Texture Drawing Practice - Hand
----Journal Reflection Workshop, 2pgs: Journal Reflection Guide

​Texture Project:
Torn Paper Portraits
Torn Paper Portrait Grade Rubric

7. Lesson Seven

Journal Assignments:
----Tonal Value Notes (2 pages):Tonal Value Notes (1), Tonal Value Notes (2)
----Shading Forms Practice (2 pages): Forms Shading Notes
----Shading Planes of the Face (1 page worksheet): Face Shading Notes

Shading Forms (One-day Projects):
----Pencil on white paper: Use this image to create a drawing using value shading
----Colored pencil on black paper: Use this image to create a value shading drawing on black paper with colored pencil (1 color)
----Reflections on glass: Use this image to create a drawing of glass reflections using value shading.
Forms Shading ExampleForms Shading on Black Example
Water Glass

8. Lesson Eight

Journal Assignments:
----Still Life Notes (3 pages): Still Life Notes
    ----Janet Fish: Janet Fish Artworks
    ----Paul Cezanne: Paul Cezanne Artworks

Still Life Project: Still Life Project Rubric

9. Lesson Nine

Journal Assignments:

----COLOR Notes: Color Notes (3 pages)
----Color Artists Notes:
    ----Vincent Van Gogh:Vincent Van Gogh Notes (1 page)
    ----William H. Johnson:William H. Johnson Notes (1 page)

Color Wheel (Watercolor): Watercolor Color Wheel
Watercolor Flowers Project: Watercolor Flowers Project

10. Lesson Ten
Traditional Tattoo Design Notes: Traditional Tattoos Notes
Tattoo Design Project Planning Sheet: Tattoo Design Project Sheet
​Tattoo Project Grade Rubric: Tattoo Project