Option 1,2, or 3 is due by 5-15. Please only choose one option for your weekly grade.

Mr. Turner, I teach Economics and Personal Finance
Option #1-Students will write 2 separate current events that relate to finance or economics. They can use any source they choose. Television, newspaper, internet. etc. Each current event must be 2 paragraphs each. First paragraph will be a summary of the event, the second will be what you learned from that event or your opinion of it. No word minimum required. You can email me this to Also if you choose to hand write this,  take a picture of your work and email the photo. If neither of those options are available, the hand written work can be dropped off to the school with your name and mine on it. This allows people without internet access to use their cell phone to email me the completed work or hand write it. This is Due Friday 5-15-20.

Option #2-For my students you will be using

Complete module 4 of the modules listed under Everfi Classic. Module 4 will be due 5-15-20
You must choose one of the above options. 
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Option 3- Write two paragraphs discussing how Coronavirus(Covid-19) will affect the future of small businesses in our economy. Email back to me. Due by 5-15-20.

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