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Students of Graduation Year 2020
Scholarship Opportunity
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State Council for Higher
Education for Virginia

 Gear Up VA program grant given by SCHEV and initiates the GUV Scholarship. Patrick Henry students that participated in the GUV program and graduated in 2020 are eligible for the GEAR UP VA scholarship before reaching 22 years old. 

For those who are interested you will need to begin process several months before the start of a two or four year degree college or an eligible high quality certification program. The scholarship will be paid to the institution: after drop/add date, verification of enrollment, aide package, and college completion of forms. The GUV Scholarship will be applied directly to college account expenses related to cost of attendance COA. 

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Gear Up Scholarship Process

1.  Complete FAFSA

2. Complete GEAR UP Application
known as the
Scholarship Enrollment and Payment Request Form

3. Contact
for the application form/link. 

4.  Scholarship Amount

Option 1 if enrolled by Fall 2021
*Up to $2500 per semester
or $1667 per quarter

*Amount depends on enrollment 
level of full or part time.

*Awards are contingent
upon availability of funds

Option 2 If enrolled after Fall 2021
*Receive a one-time award
of up to $2000
but no less than $600
for one term of your choice.

*Amount Depends on enrollment
level of full or part time.

*Awards are contingent
upon availability of funds.

Ms.  Laura Noell , Site Coordinator
Ms. Lisa Dennis, Site Coordinator
Ms. Nicole Willis
, Data Coordinator