Student Tardy Policy


     The Tardy Policy for the 2016-2017 school year will be teacher driven. Teachers will be responsible for tracking a student’s tardies. For tardies one through three, the teacher should be contacting home, conferencing with students, and utilizing interventions to get students to class on time. Once a student receives four tardies per class, the teacher is responsible to complete a Student Assistance Team Referral in addition to assigning lunch detention as outlined below. 

     Students caught in the halls after the tardy bell rings will be escorted to their appropriate classroom for instruction. Students more than five minutes late to class are to be referred to their administrator for skipping class through a discipline referral, they are not to be sent out of class; a referral should be sent to the hall office. Tardies for each class will be reset to zero at the end of the semester.

     To help assist with the Tardy Policy, teachers will be expected to station themselves in hallway in front of their classroom during class change to move students along and/or into their classroom. The teachers will also be expected to have a graded focus or other learning activity at the beginning of each class to aid in getting students to class on time. Failure for any student to comply with any part of the Tardy Policy will result in additional administrative action. The Tardy Policy will begin 8/29/16.


     The teacher will assign the student to one day of Lunch Detention for each tardy 4-10. To supplement learning the teacher may have the option of requiring the student to stay after school for a tutoring session for each tardy 4-10. The teacher is responsible to contact the student’s home to alert the parent or caretaker of the problem after tardy four as well. Teacher should also make the referral to the SAT at tardy referral four. When assigning students to Lunch Detention please email Mr. Hasan ( as well as Mrs. Floyd ( so that we can verify who should be attending lunch detention. Please be sure to include the date in which they are supposed to attend. 


     The teacher will write a referral to the student’s administrator. The consequence for these tardies will be 1 day of ISS. In addition, the administrator will schedule a student support meeting. 


    The teacher will write a referral to the student’s administrator. The consequence for these tardies will be 2 days of ISS. After this, further administrative action will take place.