Final Exam Schedule
Final Exam Schedule and Exam Exemption Policy
Posted on 04/08/2019
Final Exam Schedule

PHHS - WFHS 2018-2019

Second Semester Exam Schedule 

Senior Only information is in Italics



 Regular Bell Schedule

Thursday, May 23rd  – “A” Day A1 Exam – Seniors Only

Zero Block Exam – Seniors Only

Friday, May 24th  – “B” Day B2 Exam – Seniors Only

B3 Exam – Seniors Only

Monday, May 27th– No School                                           Memorial Day


Tuesday, May 28th – “A” Day A2 Exam – Seniors Only

A3 Exam – Seniors Only

Wednesday, May 29th  – “B” Day B1 Exam – Seniors Only

End 3rd Blk at 1:55pm begin Bridge at 2:00pm    Bridge Exam – (9th -12th)

Thursday, Friday and Monday Exam Schedule – Dismissal at 1:00 p.m.

Thursday, May 30th  – “A” Day                                      Make-up Exams –Seniors Only

   A2 Exam – Non-Seniors

   A3 Exam – Non-Seniors

Friday, May 31st  – “B” Day
        B2 Exam – Non-Seniors

B3 Exam – Non-Seniors

Monday, June 3rd  – “A” Day
        A1 Exam – Non-Seniors

B1 Exam – Non-Seniors

Tuesday Exam Schedule – Dismissal at 11:30 a.m.

Tuesday, June 4th  – “B” Day
Zero Period Exam /Make-up Exams

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Graduation - Berglund Center 

(WF – 10:00am      PH - 2:00pm)

Please see below for Exam Exemption Policy

Students in all classes will take first semester exams, and students in semester long courses such as Health and Physical Education will take final exams regardless of the semester.

Students in year-long courses are exempted from their final exams under the following conditions:

  • The student maintains at least 95% attendance for the entire year (no more than 5 absences in a block class and 10 absences in a bridge class for the year) in the given class. Tardies are not factored into attendance. Exceptions to the 95% attendance rate include school sponsored activities and nationally recognized religious holidays.  The principal may waive the 95% attendance requirement when extenuating circumstances are documented and the parent requests a waiver in writing. 


  • The student meets one of the following conditions:



  • The student continues to attend all classes, including exam reviews, and maintains a B average through the final day of the class.

Students taking dual-enrollment and/or Advanced Placement classes who meet the above criteria are exempted from their exam if the exam is not a required external examination, such as an exam required by Virginia Western Community College for dual-enrollment credit to be earned, and if applicable, the student has taken the AP exam.

Any student who qualifies for an exam exemption may choose to take an exam to improve his/her grade.  In these situations, the exam will not be factored into the final average if it lowers the student’s grade. Students who are exempt from the exam and do not attend during the exam period are to be marked Present Exam Exemption.