GEAR UP Program is off to a great start.
GEAR UP Program is off to a great start.
Posted on 12/12/2016
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The Patrick Henry High School Gear Up students were visited by two motivational speakers in February. Dr. John Hodge, president and co-founder of the Urban Learning League, and Carlos Ojeda Jr., of Cool Speak, addressed students during separate events about small improvements that they can implement every day in order to improve their lifelong success. Both speakers engaged students by sharing their personal experiences and humor. Carlos Ojeda Jr. provided examples of how students can use their own voice to advocate for themselves, and helped them understand that they themselves have the power to form their future. Dr. Hodge triggered self-reflection by asking students to actively participate in their learning and make good choices in life.  Dr. Hodge also addressed educators at Patrick Henry, to assist in clarifying the important of their roles in the life and success of their students. Both speakers had a positive impact on students and educators alike.