School Directory

School Directory 2019-2020..

  Some of the phone numbers cannot be dialed directly from an outside line. Please request the call be transferred If that is the case.
Main Office...

Principal Anthony Frazier 853-2255
Secretary Valerie Murray 853-2255
Secretary Nicole Willis 853-2255
Main Hall...    

Bookkeeper Eileen Guerry 853-2350
Social Worker Kathy Kleinhenz 853-2719
Career Center / Main Guidance Office
Tammy Hatter 853-2600

McQuilkin Hall...

Assistant Principal Dr. Karen Leslie 853-1257
Administrative Assistant Lisa Painter

Parsons Hall...

Assistant Principal Ms. Lisa Renard-Spicer 853-6119
Administrative Assistant Maggie Newman

Penn Hall...

Assistant Principal Todd Reichart 853-2320
Assistant Principal Chester Smith 853-2320
Administrative Assistant Cherryl Manigault 853-2320
Intervention Specialist Melanie Graffeo 853-1916
Intervention Specialist Jean Thompson 853-2797

Persinger Hall...

Assistant Principal Joe Booan 853-6116
Administrative Assistant Sue Brown

SPED Coordinator April Young 853-1053

Director of Career and Technical Education Kathy Duncan 853-6100
Administrative Assistant Julie Morrison 853-2803
Departments / Chairs and Directors...

Athletics Patti Sheedy, Director 853-1190
English Language Learner (ELL) David Higgs, Chair 853-6156
English Diane Casola, Chair 853-1194
Fine and Performing Arts Jennifer Fowler, Chair 853-1125
Foreign Language Katie Trear, Chair 853-6156
Heath and Physical Education Lee Johnson, Chair 853-2320
Testing Coordinator Andrea Trotter 853-1083
Library Media Lisa Dennis, Media Specialist
Stewart Cooley, Media Specialist
Mathematics Lynette Harvey, Chair 853-2759
Science Mike Elliot, Chair 853-2320
Social Studies John "Todd" Harrison, Chair 853-2639
Technology Josh Wilkinson, ITRT 853-1640