03/20 UPDATE

Starting next week, I will be giving assignments and other course content through Moodle. If we are out longer than next week, my teacher page will not be the best way to deliver course content. Moodle is pretty easy to use, and many students already know how to do so. 

To find my Moodle page...

1. click the following link:
(It may ask you for login information--this is your regular school login.)

2. Enter the enrollment key: dunham

If you have any difficulty getting into Moodle, please let me know.


Hello and welcome to week 1 of our distance learning module! First and foremost, I hope you all are well, calm, and safe. I look forward to seeing you all when we can healthily return to school, but in the meantime, I look forward to continuing to learn together from a distance.

Each week, I will update this page with new assignments. We will primarily be using StudentVUE to access resources for and submit assignments. In the video below, I will demonstrate how to access assignments and resources via StudentVUE if you are not already aware. I'll try to link to written directions at some point this week, too.

In addition to the assignment postings in StudentVUE, I will summarize each week's goals and assignments on my teacher page with a weekly video.


These videos will include relevant assignment information, direct instruction, and, at times, discussion questions for weekly assignments. This week's video explains StudentVUE and the TWO ASSIGNMENTS you have this week:

1. Sell Me This Show
2. How Can We Improve Society?

StudentVUE Directions:
Directions for creating a Student Vue and using Synergy Drop Box.docx