B1 Distance Learning
03/20 UPDATE



If we are required to be out of school for longer than next week, my teacher page will not be the most efficient way to give you assignments and resources. Moodle will provide a more centralized hub for assignments, resources, and communication. I’m keeping Week 1’s materials on my teacher page for now, but I’ve also added everything to Moodle, too.


To get to my Moodle page...
1. follow this link:   
(it may require you to enter your regular school username and password)

2. Enter the enrollment key: dunham


If you can’t get in, or if you have any questions about where to find things once in Moodle, please let me know.  I will have week 2’s content posted by Sunday evening, and I’ll send an email once it’s available.


03/18 UPDATE

I've uploaded notes for chapters 20-22 of Things Fall Apart. You can find all TFA notes/videos on the tab under Week 1, but I'll also post them below:

Chapters 20-22 Video Click Here

Chapters 20-22 PPT only Click here
Hello and welcome to week 1 of our distance learning module! First and foremost, I hope you all are well, calm, and safe. I look forward to seeing you all when we can healthily return to school, but in the meantime, I look forward to continuing to learn together from a distance.

Each week, I will update this page with new assignments. We will primarily be using StudentVUE to access resources for and submit assignments. 

In addition to the assignment postings in StudentVUE, I will summarize each week's goals and assignments on my teacher page with a weekly video. These videos will include relevant assignment information, direct instruction, and, at times, discussion questions for weekly assignments. This week's video explains general procedures while we are engaged in distance learning and the THREE ASSIGNMENTS FOR THIS WEEK:

1. Sell Me This Show
2. Finish Things Fall Apart. You should have already read up until the beginning of Part Three.
3. Come up with at least THREE analytical discussion questions pertaining to Part Three of Things Fall Apart. We will use these for next week's assignments.


YOU WILL HAVE AN ONLINE ASSESSMENT ACTIVITY FOR THINGS FALL APART NEXT WEEK. It will, of course, be open book, but before I assign this activity next week, I'd like to post a video addressing any questions you have about the novel. This can be something you found interesting and want to discuss, something you want more information on, or anything you didn't understand about the reading.